Sarcastic London Olympics worker

Funny yet sarcastic London olympics show caller. This lady was tasked to shout some details about the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony as well as entice people to watch the show. She did a funny job by adding sarcastic undertones, personal stuff as well as your old school subtle British humor. 

Guys! The Friendzone is real!

The Latest Issue of Seventeen Magazine has one article called "keep things casual" about ways how not to be pinned down this summer. Their First suggestion? FriendZone!

Let us bow our heads to our fallen comrades.....

Jackie Chan Breaking Stones While Holding An Egg Trick

Jackie Chan breaking slabs of concrete usually used in kung fu shows while trying to not break the egg he is holding.

Unbreakable Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 being used as a hammer as well as nails being used as a stylus and bunch of other stuff that makes this phone seems unbreakable. Iphone fans, you jealous?