Cool gundam cosplay costumes

Cool gundam cosplay costumes. As a gundam fan(but not a hardcore fan) I really am fond of seeing people put effort on their costumes and most of the gundam costumes I have seen has been made months or weeks prior to an event. My first time seeing a cosplay costume is because of a school event where the whole school will need to where something themed(per class/section) like ancient egyptian theme, anime theme, and so on and so forth. I usually don't participate but just watch because our school is big( 21 hectares) and you have to walk through the streets on a parade. Well I am talking to myself so here are the videos.

If anyone know what gundam they are on and what is the name if I made a mistake or its missing.

master gundam mecha with master asia

Heavy arms

gundam RX-79
looks a little blocky especially the arms

Don't know the name
looks cheaply done you can see the legs lol. But nice shield by the way

Nice costume bad video

Don't know
nice costume stomach to head but the paper wings and the seen legs didn't cut it for me

Don't know
but its very good. Because I don't know the gundam, isnt it the legs are a little bit long?

And lastly a cute girl wearing a Zion costume
Gonna die because of cuteness here I warned you