Blogged It's official first month anniversary

Blogged It's official first month anniversary.

Well sort of, Its should be march 25 but because I am busy with my offline life that I don't have the time on making this post. I have so many things still need to be done with this blog that It is only now that I really have the time to do them. I still need to find better templates, scripts/ widgets and other stuff for Blogged It. But for the color theme... Well I'll stick to baby blue for now because I feel that the color is more friendly looking lol. I also have problems with integrating some widgets from the post section. Can't seem to add anymore post widgets and if I did add it will be in the bottom and not below the post or above the related post widget.  I also have problems with my amazon widget not getting words in my blog and they are defaulting to their own ads. With the Seo, This is really my first time to do content first then seo second. Meaning that I post everything I like without trying to Seo every blogged It's post. But The seo outlook looks good. I am reaching visitors when they search specific phrases but for those competitives one like "funny, cool, amazing and such" I still nowhere to be seen. I also find that the name that I have chosen which is "Blogged It" is also a little competitive but I don't really care =p. It encompasses what I would like to the with this blog which is Posting what I like in the web or my opinions on them.

Blogged It really is not the first blog that I did. I have done several that does the same but they are a little bit more specific like android apps and such or only funny japan stuff but updating them at one go really is tiring to the brain and it gets a little bit tedious which is not the reason why I do blogs. That is why I imported all of my post in those blogs and put it here. I really have a lot in mind with this blog but with a not so good template, It might not really work( so this might be blogged It's priority numero uno).

For my other side projects, I will be making two more blogs which one is entirely different from this one but the same altogether. It will be Country specific but also encompasses  local funny pics and vids which I still can't decide if I will also put it in here. The other blog will be about the internet but a subject that is still a little bit unheard off by most in the internet.

Blogged It I know will be here for years maybe even forever lol.